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Whiskey & Bourbons

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  • 8PM Blend Whiskey

    8PM Blend Whiskey

    Available in: 100cl, 75cl, 70cl, 37.5cl, 18cl, 9cl, 6cl, 5cl (Sachets)

  • After Dark Whisky

    After Dark Whisky

    Available in: 75cl, 70cl, 37.5cl, 18cl, 9cl, 5cl

  • Crown Whisky

    Crown Whisky

    Available in: 75cl, 37.5cl, 18cl, 9cl

  • John Barr

    John Barr

    Available in: 70cl

  • Jura 10 Year Old – Origin

    Jura 10 Year Old – Origin

    This is where it all started. For us, the whisky signifies the rebirth of the Jura distillery and rebuilding of our community. So it's fitting that each bottle carries the ancient Celtic symbol for beginnings.

    Colour: Warming golden glow

    Nose: Soft nuances of American white oak with a smooth, sweet aroma of honey.

    Taste: A refined, smooth and clean tasting liquid with gentle oak flavors, followed by highlights of caramel and soft liquorice. The warmth of roasted coffee beans lingers long in the month.

    Cask finish: To mark our rebirth, Origin is aged in ex-Bourbon casks for 10 years to give it the distinct Jura house style, flavor, and exceptional structure.

  • Jura 16 Year Old – Diurachs Own

    Jura 16 Year Old – Diurachs Own

    Nurtured for sixteen years, this is the whisky of choice for the people of Jura. To honor this special relationship, the symbol of the Diurachs adorns each and every bottle.

    Colour: Rich amber gold.

    Nose: Silky vanilla and honey with hints of ginger.

    Taste: A full-bodied malt where flavors of creamy chocolate and orange peel develop into cinnamon, spice, and hints of smooth soft honey.

    Cask finish: This is one patient customer — biding its time for 14 years in first fill American white oak Bourbon cask, followed by another two in ex-Amoroso oloroso sherry casks from Gonzalez Bypass, Jerez, Spain.

  • Jura Prophecy

    Jura Prophecy

    It's said that centuries ago, an old seer prophesied that the last Campbell to leave the island would be penniless. In 1938, this came to be. To mark the legend, the seer's symbol watches over every bottle.

    Colour: Fiery golden embers

    Nose: An exquisite burst of bonfire smoke slowly gives way to salty and spicy sea spray.

    Taste: Powerful peat smoke and spicy sea sprays open up the palate, followed by flavors of soft liquorice, spicy cinnamon, and nutmeg.

    Cask finish: Non-chill filtered for a huge peaty punch, this complex and structured whiskey is aged in Bourbon, sherry and Limousine oak casks.

  • Jura Superstition

    Jura Superstition

    Islanders were a superstitious lot in the past. As a nod to them, and to our island home, still dotted with ancient stones and markings, we called this expression Superstition. When you raise a glass of this whisky, you're raising a glass to the ancient ways of our island.

    Colour: Deep mahogany with glistening golden highlights.

    Nose: Light phenolic aromas with subtle nuances of honey and spice result in a sweet yet smoky delight.

    Taste: The warmth of the tongue releases spice, honey, pine, and peat.

    Cask finish: Superstition is aged in a selection of the finest ex-Bourbon casks to bring out spicy notes and subtle smokiness.

  • Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  • Radico Gold Premium

    Radico Gold Premium

    Available in: